Saturday, October 25, 2014

Warm up doodles at work~

YEEEEP I'm working~ as a background painter/artist at an animation company!
These are warmup doodles during break time.
o w o

I can't post anything about the projects we're currently doing 'cause we're under a non-disclosure agreement with the company and the shows... yah know.. all those legal stuff (btw I quit lawschool = A = I'm currently enjoying my work tho. I'll go back and study again some other time... IF I find the heart to continue where I left off).

SO THERE WE GO~ doodles!

OH and I've been watching New Girl lately o A o YES I'M WATCHING IT JUST NOW gdi I'm so behind. haha It's pretty nice and funny o v o

ok that's it for now


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An Old and Unfinished Painting

Started sometime in 2011. Still remains unfinished and I'll never get it done. :(
Acrylic on canvas.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Visual Rants

"If only they could speak for themselves. But they can't so we'll have to do it for them."


I swear they looked better in my head. Haha. These were in my head since breakfast and I had to wait 'till I'm at home and about to sleep before I could put 'em on paper. It frustrates me how little I can do for our planet. And my inability to clearly explain my frustrations, frustrates me even more. Haha.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Carpe Diem

'Cause I don't want to give a fuck anymore.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some of my latest sketches and doodles and a pretty long... err.. whine

Yep! I'm sketching again! :D not as regular as before but much frequent than when I started studying law. I kind of stopped 'cause I thought it's not helping me with my studies. It even distracts me sometimes. But still, dropping it and ignoring my itch to draw didn't help me either. I'll get to that later.

A LOT has happened. 2013 wasn't exactly a great year for me academically and socially. Weeeell...we win some, we lose some xD 

Academically: Unfortunately, I got kicked out of law school (bad grades) and I'm currently taking it up in another school. Still law. Same books, same laws, different place/ environment. I was accepted but under the condition that I must reach a certain grade which is higher than the usual average. Now, I'm just letting the winds of fate take me.
My drive and want to be an attorney is strong. I know it. But the grip I have to my reasons isn't. I keep on forgetting them and mostly are idealistic.
Like i said earlier, I thought ignorning my itch to doodle will help me concentrate and eventually, lessen the pains of lawschool but, my exam scores didn't get any higher. Guess I'm not intelligent enough for law school. Oh and personality-wise, I can't fit-in. Haha.
I just took my first midterm exams in my new school last week. I hope I did better than how I faired in my previous school.

Socially: Lost a couple of buddies (my fault). It's tough being a girl. Haha.

Sometimes, I'm tempted to leave everything behind, start anew but alone. Meet new people, get to know a new place. I'm just entirely confused right now. Confused, concieted, selfish and overwhelmed. Since graduating from college, I feel so lost. Hm... yeah. I guess that sums it all up. I'm lost. :(

I still don't know what to do with my life.