Sunday, January 8, 2012


Can't sleep because sister's still playing Pokemon on my laptop... ON MY BED D:<

Just when I'm about to post this, she's done playing. YAY FOR ME I CAN SLEEP NOW.

Uh... yep. Kiki addiction because I just watched Kiki's Delivery Service for the first time last night and I loved her and Jiji and her very inspiring artist friend (who's name was mentioned once by that mustached driver) ♥ Hm.. maybe I should draw that random, snotty fortune-telling witch in training instead... she was only there in like what... 10 seconds in the whole movie?

And nah that's not Buttercup but yeah sure that sketch could be.

WHY AM I TALKING/ TYPING TOO MUCH? Must be the frappe and cake... caffeine + sugar rush? IDK HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP? Guess I'll just read some Stephen King 'till I drift to dreamland or something. Or prolly Gaiman's Stardust... yeah that'll do.