Friday, June 8, 2012

Madness! (in a colorful way~ well, pink mostly)

So! After alllll the inactivity that could and should be blamed on no one but my emotionally unstable self, I am finally able to draw and upload again :D

PaintTool SAI

Yay AdventureTime selves of me and my buddy Xielly :D I'm as a still unnamed mermaid with legs and Xiel's Rakoskee~

well my mermaid self does have a tail

PaintTool SAI yet again

but my suckish imagination can't permit her to fight on land with that.

and finally.. this...

acrylic and Unipin on vellum board

YES... THIS. WHITE ALPACA. FLUFFY, Fluffy alpaca ◕ 3 ◕ Aren't they the cuuutestestesteest? Well prolly not but GAH. Even my Facebook timeline is filled with alpacas. Oh and I accidentally knelt on my baby, which explains the creases. :(

Wait did I say I have a Facebook account? Well uh... It's not hard to find :D (but I won't add you if I don't know you anyway so send me an introductory message after you've used your stalker powers)


  1. Too much of Eden Eternal alpacas!

  2. haha true x3 aw I think I want to play again QQ